Mommy's Care USB Portable Feeding Bottle Warmer

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Three color light reminder, easy to control the milk temperature

Switch function description:

1. The yellow light is always on when the thermostat is connected to the power (battery) button

2. Press 3S for a long time to start the machine, the blue light will be on, and 70% of the middle gear will output 55 degrees

3. Press the red light again, the high-grade 100% output is 65 degrees

4. Press the green light again, low 40% output 45 degrees

5. Long press 3S to shut down and cycle all the time. When the output is stopped, it will output 15%. Open circuit and short circuit protection of frequency 3S sensor,

open circuit and short circuit protection of heating plate output, 2.5A over-current protection


1. It's small and easy to carry, mom is so relaxed!

2. The baby can drink warm milk at any time and keep constant temperature.

(USB power on is required for heat preservation)

3. It can be connected to mobile power supply, charging head and vehicle USB

4. Adjustable circumference velcro, suitable for a variety of bottles

(direct 55-80mm)

5. Four layers of material, firmly lock the temperature

(PU layer 1, Pu layer 2, heating layer, comfortable interior)

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